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Nom Raise Your Shield
Style Metal
Musicien(s) 5

Hardcore Beatdown Band since 2016.
Take some Hardcore, add Beatdown, a bit of Rap, a lot and anger and other influences and you have Raise Your Shield.
The band is composed of five members all influenced by different genres such as Thrash/Crossover, Slamming Beatdown, Neo-Metal and is evolving on its own.
Through a few of Week-end Tours and a lot of shows, the crew had the opportunity to share the stage with great bands such as Worst, Thell Barrio, Beyond the Styx, Danforth, Casey, Elephants and more...
With powerfull riffs and powerfull breakdowns, Raise Your Shield’s songs are about political abuses, human mistakes and everything that it’s wrong with our world today.
The band released a 3 tracks demon “Men at War and (2017) a debut EP “Free Your Mind” (2018) and will release their second EP “Iashah’Na” on february the 21st.
All of theirs songs are available on Youtube and Bandcamp.


Pleins d'actus et de concerts à venir et avec un EP physique bientôt disponible !

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